Our Story


My vision is to bring knowledge and spiritual awareness to the Kalamazoo community and to enhance what is already there.

Heather Wright, ElementsMy name is Heather Wright. I was born and raised in the Kalamazoo area. In 2009, I decided to move to the Virgin Islands where I was really able to learn who I am and completely explore all of me. I realized while I was there that all the issues that I thought I had could be cured or helped with some simple tools and exercises from nature. When I came back to Michigan in 2015, I realized a lot of people who I hold dear to me had no idea about these modalities and have been resorting to what I call a "bandaid fix" aka pharmaceuticals. That's when I realized I need to grow my roots back in Kalamazoo and provide a space where people can explore and learn other healing methods. I felt an overwhelming need to bring what I've learned in my travels & retreats back to where I started. This is why Elements was born. But there is so much more to my vision than just a metaphysical store. I am offering all different beautiful classes in my space: crystal healing, reiki, energy work, essential oil training & so much more.

I had to figure out how to give back to the beautiful Island that shaped me into the woman I have become so I decided to dedicate a full day to St.Thomas. Every Saturday all proceeds including online sales will be donated to St.Thomas. I, also, have a donation box that is displayed daily.

My childhood wasn't an easy part of my life. As an adult I want to be that person who I needed as a child. A huge inspiration have been my nieces. I wanted to create something where children can feel empowered. I'm in the process of creating a non-profit for children where they can create different art projects. Those pieces will be sold in Elements. All the money received from that will directly go to the child. The amount of children in the world who suffer from hunger and just going without is appalling. I am creating a space in Kalamazoo where all children can come make art, learn spirituality & entrepreneurial skills, while being empowered to do it themselves. These events will be held in Elements 1 or 2 Saturdays a month.

Heather Wright