Donate to St.Thomas Family Resource Center

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands suffered a lot of damage from Hurricanes Irma & Maria. There has been very little coverage regarding the Virgin Islands so many people in the nation don't know about the amount of pain that islanders have been and still  are suffering.  Their main income is from tourism when there are no tourists the economy is down. Just about everything is shipped down to the islands, without the proper shipping modalities a lot of stuff just isn't available. For example food , water, and other basic life essentials are scarce. There's very limited people on the islands to fix all the destruction. They are going into their next hurricane season without their homes, cars, etc fixed from the last hurricanes. There's still quite a few homes without roofs. 
Yes, it is coming back together, but there's still a lot of help that the people of the Virgin Islands need. 
Read more about the hurricane's destruction here:
Has America forgot about the Virgin Islands?
Saturday all profits will be donated to St. Thomas Family Resource Center This does include the profits of online sales as well. 
There is a donation box in Elements displayed daily as well.