Since I have begun my journey with self love & self work my entire life has changed dramatically for the better.
Here are some amazing healers that I have had the privilege to work with:


June Miller
June's Blog
June's Virgin Island Retreat Center



Rev. Jennie Alvarez
Licensed Social Worker
Ordained Spiritual Counselor
Relationship Counselor
Conscious Communication Coach
Yoga Teacher
Jennie is passionate about sharing tools to master the ego, living consciously, cultivating peace & well-being within individuals, families, & communities.
Terry Stingley
Terry Stingley is an Indian-Trained Yoga Teacher who has traveled the world seeking spiritual solutions to life's complex problems.
He & his wife are the 1st American couple to ever graduate from the Advanced Ayurveda Therapy Course in Tamil, Nadu, India: birthplace of the worlds oldest system of medicine- 100% plant based
Advanced-stage Lymphoma Survivor who fought his disease holistically.
Author of: The MysticThe Medicine Man, & The Assassin (debuting later this year).
An Ayurvedic Consultation with Terry lasts about 2 hours & probes way beyond "symptoms" to the root causes of illness & disease. We discuss everything from your mental & emotional states to the messages of your dreams. This enables us to address the nutritional needs of the physical body, as well as the "nutritional' needs of the heart, mind & soul.
Mention Heather @ Elements & receive $50 off your Ayurvedic Consultation. Usually costs $250. Mention Heather to receive your consultation for $200. This includes a detailed strategy to bring the body mind and spirit back into balance.
Beth Kling Stewart
Reiki Master/ Teacher
Urevia Practitioner 
Her introduction to Reiki I & II was with Yoga Instructor & Reiki Master/Teacher Ginjah Knuth. Further studies including Advanced Reiki, Master/Teacher Training & Uremia were with Ken and Dana Gray at Subtle Energies where she, also, studied Astrology and Tarot. Beth has an interest in natural health and healing for years. She does Young living Essential oil classes as well as medical cannabis consulting & including CBD's &/ THC for different types of health issues. Her favorite past time is unleashing her creative spirit through arts and crafts projects. Look for her diffuser bracelets and her tarot bags & cloths in the Elements store!  



Meet Daken Tul



Daken is available at Elements (445 Forest St, Kalamazoo, MI) for private, one-on-one consultations every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 2pm to 7pm or by consultation. Each discussion is guided by the current energy you radiate as well as deep rooted emotional frequencies from your past. Imagery and feelings shared from your highest-self help us determine important practices to let go of energy that no longer serves you, so you feel stronger and more confident on your path. All sessions are focused on you creating a new space to see from in order to feel more balanced and at peace to fully express yourself.

Meet Summer Phoenix



Offers personalized Natal Chart Astrology Readings (30 or 60 minute options) Taking your birth-date, time and city, state location we are able to get a snapshot of where the planets were located and how that may be showing up in your life today!