Multi Faceted Quartz Pendulum

Multi Faceted Quartz Pendulum

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45-50MM size stone. the chain is about 6 inch long.

How to use a pendulum:

There's actually multiple different ways to use pendulums..

Some people use them to test if a certain food is good for them, or to see where pain is stemming from in their body, or to receive an answer.

The crystal is your friend. Communicate with the crystal ask it which is ur yes or no.  When the pendulum is still, ask it which movement indicates a positive, or yes response. It makes no difference if you think the question in your mind or say it aloud. Many people find that the pendulum will immediately respond and provide the answer. However, if you have never used a pendulum before, it might take time before it moves. Be patient. It will probably move only slightly at first, but if you keep on thinking yes, it will start moving more and more strongly.

Your pendulum will move in one of four ways: it may move backward and forward, from side to side, or swing in a circle, either clockwise or counterclockwise.

People receive their answers in different ways and it is important for you to have a special communication with their crystal. I use my non dominant hand to hold the pendulum and my dominant hand I place under the crystal when I ask it a question. There are so many different answers on google; however, so do what feels right to your own energy.